Who are we?

Profil Africa (www.profilafrica.com) is a pan-African company specializing in communications, marketing and Project management. Currently our team includes Malians, Congolese, Burkinabè, Senegalese, Nigeriens, Cameroonians, Madagascans and South Africans.

At Profil Africa we endeavor to offer professional services in communication, marketing and Management of African centred projects while at the same time, upholding the highest international standards. Consequently all our work combines a combination of African socio-cultural structures with the most up-to-date technology and knowledge. That is why we have strategically chosen to coordinate our activities from Montreal, since Canada is a world leader in communications and Strategic Management.

Since we are in the era of the "Global Village" we wish to help African countries, organizations, socio-political and economic players to reach a better position on the world map.

Brief presentation of the core of our team

Biko Mungala Muduka
Principal Consultant, CEO
Bachelor in Politics and Communication, University of Montreal
Main interest
The role of communication and marketing in African development

Flavien Kinier Munzuluba
Principal correspondent of Profil Africa Inc. in Central Africa (his base is in Democratic Republic of Congo)
Bachelor in Pedagogic Sciences and a Graduate Certificate in Sciences of Education, Kisangani University
Main interest
Media, new technologies and teaching: a new challenge for Africa

Julien Korea
Principal correspondent of Profil Africa Inc. in West Africa (his base is in Senegal)
Masters in Juridical Sciences, Management and International Business Laws, University of Dakar-Bourguiba (Senegal)
Main interest
African youth and the African development challenge

Royata Diarra
Consultant in charge of the documentation and information Center
Bachelor in Business Administration (BA), Graduate certificates in marketing and electronic commerce, McGill University (Canada)
Main interest
The role of the private sector in African development.

Gareth Cooper
Bachelor in Human Resource Management (BA),Rand Afrikaans University ( South Africa)

Main interest
Assisting international organizations with development projects..